About us.

In 1987, some expatriates living in Cyprus, were granted permission to hold worship services in the Greek Evangelical Church (GEC) building and the Larnaka Community Church (LCC) was born. Over the next decade, the two churches worked closely together to serve the local community.

LCC has always been community focused, including initiatives to support church services in alternative languages such as Mandarin and Farsi, and the numbers of people attending has grown steadily. LCC finally outgrew the GEC seating capacity and, in 2009, moved to larger premises near St Lazarus. The new building enabled us to offer an increasing range of ministries.

Just before the COVID pandemic the premises we had used for a decade was sold. We became nomadic using schools or hotels to meet. However, we now have a more permanent use of the old Larnaca airport terminal. Again, God has blessed us with growth as we continue to serve the Lord in our community together.