Planning a visit?

LCC will continue to use the junior school hall for the rest of the summer of 2024.
(Markou Drakou Street, 6011 Larnaca). The school is NOT accessible from the Senior School entrance we were using.

Please see this map for directions. Also keep in mind that there is limited parking. If you can walk a little, please park in a nearby street (but be sensitive to resident properties), leaving the car park for those who are less able, and those bringing equipment.

The hall is smaller, so we recommend arriving in good time for a 10:30 start.
We still hope to have an Explorers class, and tea and coffee. But this will depend on the space available to us. We had short notice and have not been able to do a ‘recce’.
We apologise for the inconvenience, but this is a reminder that we still need a more permanent facility. Please pray.

What to expect?

First – a very warm welcome, but do arrive early to get a seat in the main auditorium!
Our service lasts about 90 minutes. We start with a couple of songs before updating the church on our weekly activities.

Our teaching is biblically centred and each talk lasts for about 30 minutes. There are children’s classes available.

We very often offer communion every week. As the scriptures guide, this meal is only for those who belong to the body of Christ. Parents are asked to makes decisions for their own children regarding their participation in communion.

We are an independent church and self financing. Every week we take up a financial offering towards the running costs of the church and our mission. However, visitors are not expected to contribute.

For children?

Explorers is for children aged 3-10. At Larnaca Community Church we want every child to know God and grow in their faith. We offer lots of fun and creative activities to help children and families do this. You can Register your child online now.

Climbing Higher is for teens and pre teens. It is our hope that young people come to an understanding of God’s good purpose for their lives. This runs when we use the senior school premises.

We also make provisions for parents with babies.
At the junior schcool this is often towards the back of our meeting hall.

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